Arrival and First Day

The journey to Tenerife was rather unremarkable. Got up at 7:00am, and got a train from Nottingham to Manchester (we booked the flight there for cheap flights). The only time during the trip I had to wake up was the change at Manchester, which gave me just 10 minutes to find the next train to the airport. Given that was my first visit, and it was a big station, I think I did well. I met Laura at the airport, and we checked in without hassle. The flight was 45 minutes shorter than last time, clocking in at just under four hours.

Of course, at this point, we were supposed to get picked up, but due to some failure of communication, Laura and myself were left stranded at the airport for over two hours. By the time our ride came, there was quite a collection of us gathered at the arrivals. We arrived late in the evening, with no food waiting for us. The moral was rather low, even though it was a given that the house we would be staying in for the next three weeks was wonderful (complete with a swimming pool and giant outside tent)! The beds we were sleeping in hadn’t even been made (or moreover, ‘built’) so we had to wait for our abode to come together. Whilst that was seen to, we got mingling with everyone. Much like last time, it is a rich variety of people in the house from all different cultures.


On the first day, more cracks appeared in the schedule. Since we had lost a day due to confusion over flight bookings, the initial days had been packed with rather heavy-handed seminars and workshops. We’re talking 8:00am until 5:00pm here, with one lunch break. The break lasted only thirty minutes today. The morning breaks are too early for shops to be open, and the lunch breaks are just in time for siesta, so we weren’t able to get our own supplies, like water and crisps, for example. Given the hungry state we were naturally all in, this made contributions to the workshops slightly laboured, which more or less defeats the purpose of the project.

The first day was to end with a sunset boat ride for most, but due to yet another mix up with transport, four people ended up not making the boat on time. The boat was, however, the Must Cat. It was nice to see her again, complete with original crew. Free drinks and scuba dives as well. No Candy to speak of however. We also had to wait well over an hour for pick up.

So currently I am sat on the top bunk in my room – the only male in the quarters – recapping these initial events. Mornings will consist of meditation practices, which today have told me that I am extremely envious of everybody around me. I am intrigued to see how far into my rather checkered mind and soul these meditations will take me, but it may prove to be a means to finally put some inner demons to rest. What’s more, the lady who teaches the mediation classes – a woman called Browman – is actually someone I met on my last visit. She did a tarot card-reading session, which I missed by just a few minutes. It seems I will have a second chance to take her up on the offer.

Some noticeable people I am getting on really well with at the moment are Kasper, a man from the Netherlands with a wicked sense of humour; Jay, a really chilled student from Coventry; and Rita, whom I first met the airport waiting for our ride. Rita’s quite a lot of fun to be around – earlier tonight after the boat cruise, me and her danced on the port promenade during the sunset to some music coming from a small beach bar. A fellow Spanish volunteer called Sara said we were now heroes in her eyes just for being brave enough to do it, to which I simply replied ‘The free Sangria helped’.


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