Tuesday 9th August

Tuesday was a generally unremarkable day. The idea of today was to present the ideas of the group project, and what your role was within the group. The Caribbean Project was set to create an ‘Arona’ equivalent out in the islands, based on the conservation of turtles, sharks and coral reefs. This would be a research-based institution, however. The main criticism was that students would have to pay around £1,500 for ten weeks, including a PADI course, and possibly an extra BTEC for Gap Year students. It was great value for money, but too much of a lump sum to not exclude poorer volunteers.

As aforementioned, my role was to create two videos – one for the turtles, focused on raising awareness, and one for a ‘Rapid Response Unit’, which would respond to environmental issues using scientific research. The latter video would be based around passion and enthusiasm. Both videos would mean I would need to visit Arona tomorrow, for the speedy and secure internet connection.

I cancelled my trip to see David Guetta at the Arona Music Festival, but I did manage to catch a ride to a nearby ATM to finally get some money back in my wallet. The reason for the cancellation was due to the PADI course, which was happening early in the morning after, and also the conflicting times with the Teide Challenge, which is looming closer every day now.

The night featured another filling meal from Teresa, consisting of Spanish potatoes in white wine sauce with peppers and onions. Tonight was also what me and my friend Marko called ‘poetry night’ – we went down to the tent and read each other our poems. Neither of us were too confident in our works, so I think this was the first time either of us had read them to other people. His work was really good though (despite having some translation issues on some works), and he returned the sentiment. Then a dutch girl called Annelous came down, and heard some of the later poems.

She was particularly impressed with one I had written recently, called Blue Eyed Boy, Green Eyed Girl. It was a particularly sensitive one, which anyone who knows me even half well will understand inside the lyrics. It is one of my favourite poems that I’ve written, but also one of the darkest and most complex. I was actually surprised they both liked it so much. It drew upon a prolonged fifteen minute discussion about my poem after I’d read it, about people’s dark sides and their roles in our society. It was strange to see my own work analyzed.

I told them that perhaps I should hand it in to a university lecturer to see what they made of it, to which Marko replied sarcastically:

“The lecturer will just say: ‘Here to we go again – another student who thinks he’s William-f*cking-Shakespeare…’


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