Wednesday 10th August

Today, me and several media students went to Arona. We needed the secure internet connection there to successfully retrieve videos and sound files from our sources on the internet. My friend Jay also enjoyed the peace up there, and made a lot of progress in developing the ‘AWF Turtle’ logo that me, Marko and him have been designing between us.

I pulled loads of turtle videos off the internet – as I can’t take them myself, I need to construct the promo video using footage I’ve not filmed myself, but still legal to use. A coordinator recommended a page which came in a lot of use. This looks to be the first video I’ve ever made using footage I haven’t filmed myself. I also got some nice music to accompany both videos.

Arona hasn’t changed much – the house still smells and feels the same. I visited some of the local haunts, including the bakery and the supermarket. I had some Pasta N Sauce (or the Spanish equivalent) for lunch, and then some ice cream from another supermarket on the return journey with Teresa. The Arona house was oddly empty – almost as empty as when I had arrived in April, I counted twenty or less inhabiting the place.

It has been brought to my attention today also that Laura is rather worried about us not having pre-booked hotels for our ‘hiking’ trip around he island afterwards. Stories of violent policemen and lost outbacks rife with African immigrants and deadly wildlife have perhaps got the better of her, so I also investigated into some places we could consider staying in.

I presented my progress to the groups in the evening, who seemed happy with the progress I’d made. One student called Sara really liked the pirate music score which I had found on a site, and all the turtle footage seemed of high quality, and very beautiful.

When night arrived, I went with a select group of people to an advanced meditation class. I was again with Sara, who subsequently started to burst into fighting laughter (in media, we call it ‘corpsing’). We both tried to contain our laughter in the rather serious situation… it was quite funny to be fair.

However, things later became more emotional, when we had to think of one special person in our life. Most thought of a family member, yet I thought of a university friend, perhaps symbolic of how detached I’ve become from my own family, despite how much I love them – especially my mum. Yet my friend in mind had considered me to be her ‘family away from home’, and she had been a friend who had been there to make the correct decisions for me when I could not – something lacking in a lot of previous acquaintances. I also said that she had been there for me when nobody else had been, and had shown me that someone in modern society could notice a guy like me. She knows who she is – I reckon at least two of the circle managed to get it as well. Thank you for being a positive influence in my life.


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