Thursday 11th August

Woke up this morning to find a rather flexible timetable for the day. What I needed to do most of all today was meet with my two groups to structure the two videos. However, most group members – inspired by yesterday – decided to go to Arona to work. This left me with a relatively free day – I read more PADI work and finalised a rough cut of the turtle video.

In the morning, we had anther advanced meditation class, set in the cave next to the tent. We lay down and closed our eyes to sounds of a drum which Bronwen played slowly, I’m guessing in an attempt to lure us into hypnosis. We transported back to Ancient Greece, then through the floor of the cave to a road, that led through a dark night time forest to a house. At the house, there was an exchange of items, and a reflection in a bowl of water. These symbols were reported to be rather confused or blocked, though most seemed to agree that they brought the item they acquired at the house back with them to the cave when they woke up. Time will tell if the items bear truth.

The rest of the day was spent reading the PADI book ready for the weekend test, which I finished. The sun burn has started healing finally. Lots of people started to lose things – I lost my shades, before finding them on top of a cabinet in the toilet. Laura lost her water bottle, which she’d left in the cave. Faye lost her notebook, which I managed to find, also outside the toilet. Laura then lost her glasses, which had fallen down the side of her bed. I’ve currently lost a small torch, that’s one of the important pieces of equipment that I’ll be scaling Teide with.

The David Guetta concert completely sold out, so nobody ended up going to that. However, tonight was also ‘South American Night’. Teresa cooked her classic ‘fried rice cake’ recipes, giving us all three each. The night featured an extensive salsa class, where I learned a little about moving from one foot to the other with each beat, even if you’re not moving anywhere. The night featured my first Dorada (local beer) since arriving, and a proper lad’s night in, which was a good laugh. The pool’s out of commission for the next few days though – too much sun cream in the mix apparently.


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