Friday 12th August

Friday became another trip to Arona. I hitched a ride with Sara, but we were only there for a few hours. En route, a huge lorry had broken down because his tyre had exploded all over the freeway, and taken out a chunk of the front compartment. At Arona during the lunch break, I managed to stock up on a few things for the weekend activity. The weekend activity was for a long time ‘The Teide Challenge’, until this was postponed we could all do a ‘pilgrim walk’ to a place called Candelaria. The walk happens only once a year, to a church in Candelaria which hosted a statue called the Black Madonna. The pilgrimage happens so once a year people can pay tribute to this religious icon of Tenerife. There is a massive ceremony held at the church, which was to be the grand finale of the expedition.

Ed made it sound so lovely, with people on horseback and lanterns all over the place as we headed through a pine forest. I put my name down – figured I may as well – and then carried on working on my videos. The turtle video was still awaiting feedback. My second video – that of the React Team – still had yet to start being filmed.

As the evening approached, Bronwen closed down the mediation aspect of the workshops (she was leaving on Sunday). She placed a pile of stones in front of her – we each took a black stone (something to be buried here, and left with Tenerife), a white stone (something left with a peace stone, representative of something we want to achieve), and a red stone (representative of your heart, which would be left until we decided what we wanted to do with it). We placed all three of our stones inside the cave in three separate piles, ready for when we needed them.

On Friday night, myself a few friends got a lift to Las Americas with Mihai and Nicoleta. However, as the sell-out David Guetta concert was now in full swing, we couldn’t get anywhere near close enough to get to the bars, so we hit Los Cristianos instead, dropping by a few bars to chill out over some really strong cocktails. This was, for once, a bad thing for me – I had my first PADI dive in the morning. I limited my drink to one cocktail called a Laid Back Jack, and then we all went and sat on the beach and watched the waves roll in. It was a chilled night.

However, when I got back, there was a load of volunteers completely smashed out their faces around the swimming pool. They successfully kept me awake until 3:30am, giving me just three hours to sleep before my dive.

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