Monday 15th August

Monday became the day when I focused on the turtle videos. This meant a third day in Arona – one of the main criticisms of the turtle video first cut was that it lacked a variety of sea turtles. I went to Arona to get more stock footage from the internet – every muscle in my body ached from the Pilgrim Walk.

It was generally a quiet day – I tried something called ‘Clipper’. It’s a drink sold at the local supermarkets. It’s illegal in the UK and most other European countries because it has over five E-numbers in it, along with a load of other chemicals. It tasted really nice though, so I add it to the food list of ‘interesting things to eat in Tenerife’, which at this point included ‘Hello Kitty’ candy-floss in a tub (also sold at supermarkets) and Mojito ice cream from the legendary ice cream vendor at Las Americas.

I returned late in the evening, and drafted up a mock plan of what was going to happen with regard filming the ‘ReacTeam’ video in the morning. It was going to be a big shoot, featuring beaches, airports and science labs. I was supposed to be interviewing a guy called Jesse in the evening, but a late workshop postponed the interview until tomorrow night, further increasing Tuesday’s workload. Ed was then told about mine and Faye’s plan to do our PADI course on Wednesday – he didn’t seem too happy about it, but there was no other way we would be able to do the course otherwise. It shouldn’t have been offered to us if there wasn’t enough time with workshops to complete the full course. Now it seemed all concerned would be paying the price.


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