Thursday 18th August

Today was the final day of the workshops. There were presentations set all through the day. I never had to present anything – I had created two good-looking videos I was proud of (and everyone else seemed happy with as well). My work was done. It harked back to days of the first week – sitting in the meeting room watching presentation after presentation after presentation. We all made a good effort – some gave up and retired to their beds before the end. I managed to stay all the way through to the end.

Thursday night was originally due to be ‘Asian Night’, but Sara quickly changed that to ‘Sangria Night’. Her and Lara made a dirty sangria cocktail, made up with literally LITRES of vodka, gin and rum. Fruit was soaked in this mix, and then the mixer came – you guessed it, red wine. LOADS of various orangeades and limeades were the added to create a genuinely lethal concoction. It wasn’t the nicest sangria I’d ever had… it certainly got everyone throughly smashed off their faces though.

I ‘Skyped’ my mum and told her of the events of the last few days, and contacted my sailor friend Massimo about me and laura travelling to Los Gigantes in the near future. My macbook was then taken from me and I was thrown into the swimming pool with everyone else. Everyone got out and stood around the edge, jumping in simultaneously to create massive waves. Teresa photographed it all from afar.

The drinking and dancing went on long into the night. Laura and Davey had trouble ‘keeping it down’, whilst some got way too flirty with others. Glasses got smashed all over the place, which was bad since everyone was bare-footed. There were no accidents to report though luckily, and everyone went to bed in the early hours, awaking the next morning with killer hangovers.

Not too sure who took this one, but it was from Faye’s camera. The tub is full of the aforementioned spirits. The fruits have all been soaked (and thus absorbed) the mix. The bucket was not finished off – it would later feature in the boot of the car during the ‘Taganana Road Trip’.


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