Tuesday 16th August

Woke up at 7:00am sharp and jumped in a car bound for Puerto Colon. Seven interviews were needed from each individual ‘ReacTeam’ member, involving one line explaining why they chose to be a part of the team. Then, a big interview between Sara and Lara (the team leaders) with slightly more explanative monologues.

The shoots at the port went fine, but Lara’s individual shot on the beach was hampered by waves and a nearby beach-churning machine. Then we hit the airport, and did several shots in and around the entrance area.

The next port of call was Arona, where we interviewed Joe. However, at this point we needed stock footage of airplanes landing, photos of pink dolphins, and a few other pieces of online content. I decided to stay – to find this stock footage, and also to plan Jesse’s interview for the turtle video that was also taking place tonight. I managed to get everything done by one o clock in the afternoon, getting picked up by Mihai and Nicoleta.

The two explained to me that back in El Desierto, and Kaleema had hit. The Kaleema is a period where winds are blown across the sea from Africa – specifically from the Sahara Desert. In Arona we couldn’t feel it too much – in El Desierto, the wind was like the heat from a recently-opened oven door. I’ve never known heat like it before. I rushed inside where it was cooler, and set about catching up on some power-napping.

Mihai was also quite interested in a section of road between Arona and El Desierto that gave the impression of going uphill when it was actually going down. This meant that when the car was in neutral, gravity ‘pulled’ the car up the hill. Unfortunately, whilst being his passenger, I couldn’t see the optical illusion, so the effect was sort of lost. However, I did manage to get some of his awesome dance music.

The filming went long into the night, only just managing to bag the big clip with Lara and sara before the sun set. Spanish potatoes and fish was the meal for the night. After everything had been uploaded, I quickly bagged the interview with Jesse and uploaded that to my computer too. Perhaps due to lack of sleep, I misplaced on the videos of Jesse at this time, meaning we lost it completely. The turtle video was ultimately no worse for this though.

All the work was due in on Wednesday evening, so I had little choice but t just sit back, relax, and edit through the night until the early hours. By half past two in the morning, I had a complete rough cut on the ReactTeam video. I started to work on the turtle video, but during a process of ‘rendering’ the video, I fell asleep during work. This is the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep during working hours – evidently, my body just gave up the ghost.


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