Sunday 21st August

This day was probably the most uneventful day of the whole experience. I needed to get to Arona by tomorrow, as I had a dive in Puerto Colon which would ultimately finish my PADI course, and getting to there from Arona just worked out better for everyone. Me and Laura packed our things early on in the day, and then just spent the rest of the day waiting. It was ultimately Teresa who drove us to Arona late in the evening.

I spent the day mostly in bed, avoiding sun burn and trying to get better from a really bad case of the flu. I was enticed in to the pool one last time by the dutch people, and had a little paddle. The ‘meal’ of the night was by far the worst one we’d ever had – one sausage, one burger, one potato and a baguette. This meant that for vegetarians, the meal was a single potato baguette. I was genuinely disgusted.

Upon arriving in Arona, I went with my friend Jay to Helen’s bar nearby, where I tucked into  two pork kebabs (as recommended by another volunteer), a gammon baguette, and a four cheese pizza (that I finished at a later date). For the custom, I got a student discount, plus a free double shot of Malibu and coke. My throat really hurt by this point, so I got into a bed, coincidentally in the same apartment room I was in last time I was living here, and went to sleep.


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