Wednesday 24th August

We left Arona in the morning, leaving our things with Teresa and saying our goodbyes (some final) before departing for the bus stop. Tom was kind enough to give us both a lift to the bus stop, where we caught a bus down to Los Cristianos. From there, immediately at the bus terminus, we caught the second bus to Los Gigantes.

Our friend Massimo was waiting for us, ever sailing on board his boat the Katrin. We found the boat at it’s usual dock, although the sign that used to be outside had long since disappeared. Massimo was overjoyed to see us – he’d been aware we’d be in the vicinity after I’d contacted him via Facebook. We killed a few hours until his shift was over, visiting the local supermarket and having a few drinks at a place called Offshore 44.

We got discount at the cafe from a guy called Fred Dudman who we also met in the port that same day (he works on a boat called the Son Caliu which I also served on during my last visit).

My favourite port on the Tenerife south coast had not changed one bit. I was secretly hoping for a free ride on board the Katrin, but I was perfectly happy spending a few hours at the port to wind down. I had a camomile tea and a local brandy with coke. When the Katrin finally docked, we were there to meet Massimo. He was kind enough to offer us his place to stay for the night, so we followed him up to the residential area above the port. He lived a lot closer than I thought.

His house was home to a dog named Tiny, who took an immediate interest in me (nice, given my ‘love’ of dogs). We sat and talked for almost two hours, before we finally decided to find a place to eat. Upon suggesting paella, Massimo took us on a ten minute walk to a diner in the neighbouring town of Santiago, where all of his regular haunts were. The place he took was to was quite a nice looking restaurant – Laura had lasagna (she doesn’t like seafood), whilst Massimo and myself had a shared paella mix of fresh mussels, prawns and squid. It was almost as nice as the one I had on my birthday, but it lacked the essential wedges of lime (and of course, this wasn’t my birthday). But that’s splitting hairs – either way it was still one hell of a traditional Tenerife Spanish paella! We all had one litre of sangria between us, and then to top it off we got four free shots each – ‘on the house’. It only came to about ten euros each as well – bargain!

We returned to Los Gigantes for a pint or two in a local pub – I had a whisky and coke, which did not complement the meal I’d just had, I have to say. We again talked for ages, about Friends, The X Files, Fawlty Towers, Family Guy, the movie White Chicks, and other media subjects of interest. This ended with a little drama with on of Massimo’s friends, which prompted us to return to Massimo’s pad, where we slapped on the movie Limitless – a relatively new release starring Rober De Niro and ‘that guy from the Hangover’ (Bradley Cooper?). It was actually a really good film!

Massimo left to assist in the local drama, but returned within thirty minutes to watch the rest of the film with us. Afterwards, he bid us a good night. We were free to watch White Chicks, but we were too tired to play a second round of film, so we hit the hay as well. I bagged the bigger sofa (because I’m naturally the taller one…) and we both had a comfy night’s sleep.


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