Friday 26th August

The second day at Puerto De La Cruz started early again, as today we were going to the Botanical Gardens – conveniently placed on the highest slopes in the whole city. I grabbed a lasagna for breakfast from a little french cafe where they couldn’t understand our ‘Spanish’, and then we headed upwards. We faced a giant climb up a series of over three hundred steps.

We got to the top and found a man asleep at the reception desk. Me and Laura just smiled at each other whilst we waited for him to come around. When he finally stirred, he just gave us a knowing, sheepish look. Three euros got us in, but sadly there wasn’t much to see. Most of the flowers weren’t in bloom. It reminded of the Lost Gardens Of Heligan in Cornwall, but there was much more variety of colour there. There were a few blues, reds and yellows, and the rest were trees. Laura found a mother and baby terrapin, so she took loads of photos on her DSLR. Unfortunately, my DSLR was out of action, as I was having trouble importing the sunrise photos of Teide (gulp).

We took a little ‘pootle’ around, and then headed back. We were quick to realize that there wasn’t much else to do, so we went back to the hotel and changed gear, then hit the ash beach again. Again, little sun to speak of, and again, this was followed with a trip to the supermarket. This time however, I joined Laura in her ‘budget diet’, grabbing a few packet salads and tit-bits. Most of it was border-line disgusting (to me), so I ended up eating bread and drinking orange juice (and wine / brandy coke) for the rest of the night.

We spent the evening fixated on Youtube, watching videos of Riverdance, Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Usual Suspects.

My pocket camera seems to be on it’s last legs, which is sad since I’ve only had it just over a year. Yet it can still take some darn good snaps:


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