Thursday 25th August

We woke up early on Thursday morning in Massimo’s apartment. I grabbed  quick shower before settling down to watch MTV on his television. Massimo and his ‘missus’ had both left for work by ten, leaving me and Laura (and Tiny) at home to our own devices. I had a fruit cocktail for breakfast, and we left for the 10:45 bus to Puerto De La Cruz, bidding farewell to the dog as we left.

The bus took us p and over a giant mountain pass in the north west corner of the island, putting us on par with the middle of Mount Teide next to us. Then it descended back through a town covered in cloud, and down to the north coast. Not far down, we hit Puerto De La Cruz.

Our first mission was to find the tourist information centre, which we found on the sea front with the help from a Spanish lady at the bus terminus (our Spanglish levels were getting quite adequate at this point). We found out the hotel was more or less right next to the tourist information building, about five minutes walk.

Before heading to the hotel, we decided to get some food. We were enticed into a restaurant at a nearby plaza, where we had ‘Rancho’ soup and some bread. It was pasta-based Canarian soup, with potatoes and tomatoes and chorizo in it. It was very nice – ha;f way through eating, a huge argument broke out with a waiter and a chef. My brief knowledge of Spanish dialect caught the phrase ‘Fine. Fine. FINE. …fine!’ as the chef stormed away. I tried not to laugh. Here are some snaps of the soup, and the beer garden we were in:

We got the hotel and checked in successfully. Then we immediately took a stroll down to the famous ‘saltwater baths’ on the seafront. It didn’t look like much, so we decided not to pay to go in, and instead just go in the sea on the beach next to it for free. We spent about one hour on the black volcanic sand, though there was hardly any sun.

On the way back Laura dropped by the local supermarket to get some little food items, and I got some red wine and coke (mixed with my brandy apparently made a lovely cocktail). laura wanted to eat on the cheap, but I ended up dragging her to another diner to have a proper meal. I had a medium cooked steak again – delicious, again. I also had some onion soup, topped with croutons and stringy cheese. It made a wonderful mess of the tablecloth, much to our amusement.

We went back to the hotel room and called it a night. I blogged for a while, before deciding to hit the hay myself.


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