First Week Back Presentation Post:


11th October 2011 – Capital FM Arena (Ooh yeah! 😀 )

What was going through Bob Dylan’s mind when he made these? Why did one of the greatest singer/songwriters known to man decide to try his hand at painting rather than pen another classic song? Most likely… boredom. But how good are his paintings actually?



A recurring character of this year, Massimo Pye and myself had an interesting conversation in Santiago during ‘Tenerife Redux’ regarding your very own ‘Last Supper’, and who you would have at it, plus the chef. If you had a final meal, who would you have at it? Living or dead, known or unknown (but real people). How would you want it?

Here’s some of my most likely guests – how many can you name? It’s interesting, because it shows you some of the people who have most influenced your life and / or creativity. Some of them may be more surprising to you than others.

The Cook:

Guest 1:

Guest 2:

Guest 3:

Guest 4:

Guest 5:

Guest 6:

Guest 7:

Guest 8:

Guest 9?


I saw this over the summer, and although it’s a film I’ve wanted to see for a long time, it’s not what I would consider my usual ‘visual etiquette’. Here’s a clip:

Jean Genet Exhibition

Jean Genet was, besides being a writer, a political activist. He was heavily involved and influenced by the Black Panther Movement in sixties and seventies America. Half the exhibition was based around his experiences during this time – good for films, but better for essays.

Comparisons can be drawn between the Black Panther movement of the seventies, and the social uprisings happening in modern day Britain. UK Uncut is one of the various faces responsible for the riots that have been and continue to be in London, leading and influencing people across the country to rebel against the government, risking total anarchy across ‘Broken Britain’ in their wake.

Two films immediately spring to mind, though how I might portray a film like this myself would probably differ:


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