Mini Treatment for CovTelly

The purpose: To represent / show the Coventry Peace Festival – What is it? Who takes part? Who is it for? What is it for? Do people know about it? –> SELL THE FESTIVAL, primarily for next year’s event.

The audience: Aimed at a general audience – for families, focusing on the community spirit, and the social aspect. No violence, no swearing, no controversy.

–> November 11th is Memorial Day – Important part of the festival. Important to include.

MANY varied events to look into and investigate / represent. This fact should add variety to the overall artefact. Different people, different locations, one festival. Focus is on unity.

–> Do we show the Peace Festival as a whole, or only certain aspects of it? (e.g. One man, such as the photographer or the mayor). Every person has a story to tell – do we tell the story of the festival, or the stories of the individual people in it?

Style should be simple and basic – interviews with cut aways. Include some footage of what happens at the actual festivals – shoot everything, only include best bits in final product. Interview everyone you can – only include most interesting vox pops in final product.

–> Easy to contact or get in touch with representatives of the festival. It’s community-focused, thus working with students from the local university is not really an issue. –> Representing Coventry as a city? –> For Olympics?

No back up plan – what if we can’t film the festival? – We need to get in touch ASAP.


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