TEOTA Updates 1

Updates on TEOTA over the last week have generally been quite relaxed. There are two FMPs occurring this year for me, and the Riots Documentary seems to be at the forefront at the moment.

The script still needs doing, but before I can do that, I will write up character profiles of the three main characters. The one most developed of all the characters right now is the fallen angel. I have been looking around various sites for likely candidates, and at present, one sticks out above all the rest:

I’m not sure what hair colour to really go for, or whether to black the eyes out with contact lenses – test shoots may be needed to experiment with these ideas.

Her name is Lucy, and she is a model working in Warwickshire. I’m not sure whether she’s open to acting at all (I seem to think I’ve read somewhere that she is), but these photos show more or less exactly what I’m looking for in the actress who’ll play the angel. Pale skin, distinct eyes, odd hair colour. Preferably tall (though not essential) and slim. Sounds like a lonely hearts ad, but since this character will be presenting some sort of ‘saucy angel’, she’ll have to look capable of living that sort of life style.

In terms of location, I’ve also done a bit of research into local forests. The nearby War Memorial Park seems to be too compromised by local youths hanging out – safety of the crew on the day of the shoot is an absolute priority. A friend recommended Cannock Chase, which so far is looking like a likely candidate. The problem is, it’s located so far away, going to Sherwood Forest in Nottingham (my home turf) wouldn’t be much further away, and I know my way around that ‘neck of the woods’ more. I will need to investigate both in more detail to find out which location is suitable – I’m aiming for a one-night shoot, and now to film in a place that is far from local town as to avoid local residential ‘hang outs’. Nonetheless, I may need to consider thinking about employing security on the night shoot as well.

Cannock Chase is probably the closest accessible forest area in relation to my location. There are plenty of forest lands around Coventry, but most seem to be harboring dens where ‘less desirables’ roam at night to keep out of public view. In a forest at night, it will literally be the production team alone in the woods – security must be considered here.


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