Spectacle Artefact – Development 2


With the poem written, I simply need to find a way to present it. The above poem shows more of what I will be aiming for this time around. I want to put more emotion into the delivery of it, but I am unsure where to film it.

I originally started thinking about filming it in a field, but that location would not have added anything – more likely, it would have detracted from the piece. After a while, I began to think that the best place would probably be right here at my laptop. Perhaps showing a part of my reality (since I spend so much time on the internet – blogging, for example), and then suddenly start reciting a poem to the camera. I’ve seen something done similarly before:

That’s an extract from the film ‘JCVD’, which is about the actor Jean-Claude Van-Damme, and his life after he left America. Contrary to his label of being an actor unable to act, in this scene he uses a post-modern technique of lifting himself out of his own movie just to conduct a monologue about how he really feels, and the emotion in the scene is more genuine for it.

My poem is also a monologue of sorts, though I highly doubt my emotional content will be to this degree. I am unsure of whether to use one long shot, or to break it up into several varying shots of me. However I think that for the first hand-in, I will keep the artefact just to footage of myself – depending on feedback, I will add cut aways if people think it will make the piece more interesting.


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