Spectacle Artefact – Development 3 and Final Cut

Suggs – Is the lead singer of Madness a little added inspiration for my on-screen theatrics at the beginning of the video? Most likely!

Having just finished filming, things have turned out rather well. As it stands, I chose to omit the cut-aways, but one shot of me reciting the entire poem was boring, so I used several varying shots of myself, and cut across between the different variations. The footage looked weak, dark and bland, so I saturated all the shots to bring some colour into the piece (I was wearing a green shirt, which worked well I think).

It just didn’t stand too well on it’s own though, so I created a beginning and end to it (sat at my computer and breaking the fourth wall) to make my character on screen seem a little more real. These shots were also graded. After looking back over it, I did bring one thing to mind – although this poem features less vulgar language than Two Minutes, the content is far more controversial.

In a classic media production moment, I dug out some old production accessories (literally just things lying around my bedroom, where the entire artefact was filmed) and made the little entry video. An A3 sheet was stuck to my wall with white tack, and then a black curtain draped and dropped in front of it by way of duct tape. I made this pretty much a direct sequel to Two Minutes by wearing the same clothes as before. Again, I cite John Cooper Clarke as the inspiration for it (hence the use of the mirror – a trick I missed out on last time). The little entry – and indeed the tune in the background – add an extra level of surrealism to the piece, and given that for the most part it’s just me talking, I think it benefits the piece quite well!

Here is the finished article:


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