Memory Artefact – Development 1

During the summer, I mentioned one of my final major projects as being a short film called Shooting The Sunrise. This has since become my memory artefact – it will be a film featuring a small interview with myself about climbing Mount Teide three consecutive times in Tenerife in an attempt to stop-motion the sunrise from the summit. The first two ascents are met with failure – the second journey providing most of the archive footage and adventure here – before the final finished stop-motion piece itself.

Research into the style of this film will be largely taken from films like ‘Touching The Void‘ or ‘Man On Wire‘. Although those films featured reconstructions, I will use archive footage taken as the events unfolded themselves (this film has been planned for a while, you see!). I am aware also that my last artefact featured a similar focus on myself, so I will try and change the style of the shots for the interview – most likely a dark room, not looking directly into the lens, and not wearing a green shirt.

Despite the criticism of the last piece, I believe my bedroom is once again the best place to do the interview with myself – the audio is relatively well suited with regards the surrounding environment – I should simply keep a closer eye (if any) on the audio levels in the editing suite. I will also grade a lot of footage, though I’m keen to keep the archive footage as little-edited as possible, if it adds more realism.

The Cove – Another recent documentary I’ve watched in the last year recounting a specific event with the use of archive footage – I think mine will be much less militant though!


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