‘Mr Nice Guy’ Feedback

Feedback for my Spectacle artefact was overwhelmingly positive. Although I was unable to upload to Vimeo due to the large file size (as it was filmed in HD), a lot of people watched it and commented on it. The lecturers told me they’d never look at me the same way again, and encouraged me to perform poetry live as well as on the internet (something I’ve been trying to chase up for a while now).

The simplicity of the shots made the viewer focus on the words, and it seems my choice to omit the cut aways was the right one. People liked the simple format and praised my performance, also mentioning how the words created visuals and made the audience use their imaginations rather than giving it to them ‘on a plate’ (though of course, to do this would have required trips to Amsterdam and Paris anyway!)

The only criticism came in the form of slightly off audio, but people agreed it was a minor fault, hardly registered by most. The delivery was professional, the one-word summary was ‘erotic’, and the piece was awarded a first. With this in mind, I don’t think I will need to enhance or alter this video in any way – it stands as it stands, and it is ready for the hand in.


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