Iceland Film Proposal

‘Troll’ / ‘Inside, Outside’ / ‘Wilderness’ Proposal

Synopsis Summary: Two British geologists conducting a study in Iceland endure a terrifying night out in the wilderness with a mysterious ethereal creature.


Characters: 5 – Geologist 1 (male), Geologist 2 (female), Troll, The Local, ‘The Wilderness’


Genre and Audience: Psychological horror aimed at a mature audience (15+).


Style: Content will be largely suggestive, with very little action scenes, but plenty of atmosphere. Mysterious music of a high quality standard will be required to pull this movie off. The film will largely be based around Geologist 1, with Geologist 2 missing for most of the film, and the Troll mostly suggested with the exception of a few key scenes.



Two geologists arrive in Iceland. Their mission is to take some rock samples and study the earth, as apparently there is a possible seismic event waiting to happen in the area in the upcoming year.

The duo are both British and find themselves alienated by the local culture. After a brief encounter with a local man who tries to say something in broken English, the pair hire a jeep and head out to the excavation site in a valley.

Upon arrival, the pair set up a tent, and get to work immediately. Whilst recording data of tectonic movements below the surface, the two sit in the tent and talk for a while. It becomes apparent that there is some sort of romantic entanglement between the two, resulting in jealous sub-plot.

Geologist 2 records the data, and is surprised to find that the data may suggest another volcanic eruption in the next year or so. As the sun begins to set, she ventures to the top of a nearby hill in order to send a signal back to the offices in England, leaving Geologist 1 in the tent.

Two hours pass, and the wind picks up. Geologist 1 goes to the top of the hill to look for her, but finds nothing. He then (having now got a signal) receives a cryptic text from Geologist 2, saying that she’s has gone to investigate something and to wait for her back at the tent.

Geologist 1 hears strange barking / growling noises on the way back to the tent, even though there doesn’t seem to be any wildlife around. He quickens his pace to return to a tent where several interior items have been dragged out of the entrance. Inside, he decides to play games and music in order to calm his nerves, as he waits for Geologist 2 to return.

Three hours later, nothing has happened. Geologist 1 decides he’s going to drive back into town using the jeep. Unfortunately, he remembers that Geologist 2 had the keys, and probably has them on her person wherever she is.

He secures the tent properly and storms back up the hill, getting quite upset now, and hears the growling noises again. This time though, there’s a screaming sound blowing on the wind. He’s almost at the top when he receives another text from Geologist 2. This time it is complete gibberish (random letters), and makes no sense at all. Now getting scared, he rushes back to the tent. Foliage rustling around him as he descends suggests he is being stalked.

He reaches the tent and seals himself in. After a few moments of waiting, sure enough something is circling the tent outside. Something presses into the tent canvas, again snarling and growling. Geologist 1 retrieves a little pocket knife and gets ready to fight when a flashlight hits the tent.

Geologist 2 is returning and calling out Geologist 1’s name. Her flashlight briefly illuminates the tent from afar, creating a dim silhouette of a strange human-looking creature stalking the outside. The creature runs off, and not soon after Geologist 2 has arrived. She claims to have seen nothing.

In the denouement, it is revealed that she ran into a local traveller whilst sending the signal , who’s partner had injured his leg. She helped the man all the way back through the night to a safe house. Whilst having a small rest before her return, she catches the traveller playing with her phone. Apparently the second text wasn’t gibberish – it was Icelandic, but neither of the two understand what it says. The film ends with a close up of the text. No translation is given, but in actual Icelandic, it will say:

‘halda ut i dalnum, og gaeta sin eyoimorkinni’

Stay out of the valley, and beware the wilderness


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