Power Artefact – Development 1

Having taken a while to create, my power artefact is aiming to be in by the same deadline as ‘Memory’. I shall finish both artefacts next weekend. The power artefact will consist of some of the early cuts of my FMP based on the modern day revolutionaries (Working title at the moment – ‘Another Revolution’). These shots will consist of Karl Marx’s headstone (which will be exclusive to this piece, as it cannot be featured in the final film), some of the protest marches, and several audio snippets of speakers and interviews that I have collected. As it stands, we have a long shot of a line of riot squad members with shields, and a later shot of them forming a line as two students race them to the edge in an attempt to escape being trapped. I also have a slow-motion shot of a police helicopter hovering in the air, which looks really nice. It will be a ‘sort-of’ advertisement for my film, but standing alone, it will simply be the ‘power artefact’ – in other words, as it stands, it doesn’t really have a name.

Most of the footage has been collected already – at least enough to make a one minute piece. The final shoot will be next Saturday during a giant protest that will feature all the groups from across the UK. I am currently missing a lot of interview footage, so emphasis will be on getting interviews during my next visit to London. I have also considered collecting some shots and interview footage at the occupy movement at St Paul’s Cathedral – originally I hadn’t considered this, but a lot of university students seem to be doing it, so I figure I may as well have some ‘chips at the table’ as it were.


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