Memory Artefact – Development 2

There’s really not a lot to comment on with this, as I’m using archive footage already obtained, and just editing that to make a documentary. During my voice over interview, I am simply recollecting the event as I remember it, and I’m sure the story will fall foul of me fitting the memories into my own version of reality based on my life experiences. But hey – ‘only human’.

The actual website for the volcano can be found here, and I’ve included a photo below of the actual mountain itself. I also however wanted to include a link of my blog post (actually on this blog you’re reading, about fifty posts back). During ‘Tenerife Redux’, I climbed up the volcano for the third time, but as I was testing myself to see if I could blog every day for one month straight (which I did), I recorded the event of that third ascent in writing, more or less straight after it happened. The link can be found here, enjoy!

How many one-word descriptions have we got here? Big, Cold, High, (put ‘very’ in front of all of those), Dumb-To-Attempt, Sharp, Hollow, Windy, Achievable, Accomplishment, Sunrise, Mission, Victory – and just to add my own personality – Stubborn!


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