TEOTA Updates 2

After furthering my idea with academics and local film institutions alike, there have been several developments to this project. First of all, the script:

Originally, the idea was that the audience knew nothing about the two characters (namely, Convict 1 and the Fallen Angel). However, as the conversation progressed, it became clearer that Convict 1 wanted Convict 2 dead. The reason for this was in the character’s exposition – he had been jailed for a bad crime, then coincidentally locked inside with an inmate who was responsible for the death of a distant relative. The exposition never worked for me really, hence why the ideas of the ending of the film changed. It seems much more likely that Convict 1 will want to kill Convict 2 just because Convict 2 is genuinely evil person. Convict 1 is already jailed for murder, so maybe he considers himself the only one capable of stopping evil. Perhaps he considers that he’s never given anything to the world, so the least he can do is take some evil out of it. Redemption is recurring theme in the narrative this way.

We do not have the time nor the resources to show this back story in any great detail, so the script can either be clear and concise about why Convict 1 wants blood, or it can be purposefully unclear. However, if both characters are mysterious, this will destroy the audience’s ability to empathize with the events. Further from this, at least there is an abundance of orange jump suits online (we’re going for the Misfits look!)

In terms of location, the original place of Cannock Chase has been deemed quite far away to say Warwickshire is completely full of forested areas. Crackley Wood near Kenilworth is one location I will scout, and another recommended was Canley Ford near the War Memorial Park – sadly though, due to nearby noisy main roads, the location has been deemed unsuitable (I know from experience to use my ears as well as my eyes on recces now!).

Something that caught my eye a few days ago on the internet was something called ‘The Rule Of Three‘ in writing. I chanced across it on Wikipedia. Apparently, when things come in three, they’re more humourous and informal. I didn’t know this, though of course having read fairy tales and stories as a child, this rule would have no doubt been etched into my way of thinking. The Fallen Angel has to do three good deeds – I didn’t know why three seemed like such a good number. Now I do.

The latest development has been around the angel. People want to know why she got to a lovely afterlife in the first place if she’s such a twisted character. A lecturer advised me that she could have a previous encounter with Convict 1, which would add a twist to the bill. To me though, that development made no sense, as they’d recognise each other straight away. But then a major development in the final act dawned upon me – make the angel be related to Convict 2. If Convict 2 raped and murdered her in life, then that would explain in itself that she was good, and went to heaven, but subsequently lost faith in humanity and in herself. She has been sent back to do three good deeds, yes. But the main reason is for her to find closer and inner peace – namely, to save Convict 1 from killing the man who had killed her when she was alive. I have to admit, I like this twist a lot.


One response to “TEOTA Updates 2

  1. i need to but this costume because we have a day in school and im coming in as kelly bailey from misfits i was wondering is there a website to buy this costume if you do then please email me at angelalol1@hotmail.com it needs to be done by this sunday ASAP thanks. xx

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