Power Artefact – Development 2 and Final Cut

It was generally the plan to go to London on the 19th to finish off filming. However, it soon became apparent that this was not entirely necessary – the march was about Women’s Rights, whereas my documentary was about anger against the cut backs. Also, the giant student meeting was actually taking place on university grounds, meaning there was all sort of location release implications that I now had to consider. My main fear was that I had no audio to use with the clips… but then I remember I’d been on the radio a few hours before going to the march, and that my own interview would be enough.

I used a Marantz to record the radio clip, and quickly cut up the audio into all the best bits. Ironically, the film shots were in ample supply – the finished piece clocked in at almost six minute, and that wasn’t using all the good footage I’d taken. I wanted to keep things pretty quick and sharp, yet keep things political.

Originally, I was going to use classical music for the background tune, but then I remembered that I’d anted to use Fatboy Slim’s song Right Here, Right Now in the documentary I made last year, but I didn’t know the name of the song. I included the music as I think it works well with the build up to the anarchy, and also has a good bass beat with almost gives a ‘rhythm’ to what is occurring on screen.

The white balance is a topic of debate with this piece – I wasn’t too keen on some of the shots from the skyline upwards. In fact, almost all of them are over-exposed. However, this was not strictly a white balance error – after re-setting the Z5 twice and custom white-balancing on white walls, it became apparent that there may have been an exposure fault within the camera itself. Nothing could be done if that was indeed the case, all I knew is I had to film as soon as possible, or not film at all and fix the camera. I opted for the former. Luckily the shots turned out okay – everything below the skyline has been white balanced to an acceptable level, meaning it could well have been a technical fault, as once starting on the protest march, the white balance wasn’t changed again even once.

I absolutely had to include the two shots of Karl Marx’s headstone, but I think the other tranquil shots of the park and slow-motion leaves being blown around by the machines worked well – perhaps metaphors for how humans were about to shake things up? Just like last time, the shots of the protest march speak for themselves – I also decided to include some of the speech given at the end, particularly about the ‘99%’. I think this worked okay with the radio interview – it showed another person’s voice and passion about the events, in a completely different situation. I think it added more than it detracted.

The interlinking text boxes are probably something that needs feedback – they ‘guide’ the video towards the denouement, where the suggested title of my film originated from’ ‘Another Revolution’ can be interpreted in many ways as a title for a film about modern day revolutionaries, but in this case, is it simply the way to make change happen? Does ‘revolution’ encapsulate all of the previous words (which I chose dependent on what the events on the screen were making me feel)?

When it came to exporting, the interlaced scan had issues with regarding larger screen sizes (the whole image blurred into lines whenever the camera turned sharply – that happened a lot with this footage). I compressed the HD video to H.264, and it became even larger than it was originally, which was unusual. I kept the original form of 1GB, which again meant I had to use Youtube to upload it rather than Vimeo which only has a 500.00MB limit. The finished artefact can be found below, and if my Memory artefact so far is anything to go by, that will also be using Youtube to broadcast:


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