Another Revolution – The Future

After ‘Shooting The Sunrise’ became an entry for 360MC, Another Revolution and The Eyes Of The Angel became the two FMPs that were to battle it out for the choice project to be put forward for the rest of the year. As TEOTA seems to have more of my own personality and passion within it, I have decided that the short fantasy film will be what I put forward after Christmas. However, I still intend to see Another Revolution through to the end.

I have done much more research for this project than I have for TEOTA (though that was primarily due to my course suddenly becoming left-wing). However, I seem to have approached this project from the wrong angle. After talks with a lecturer in the university, I was advised to make the project more personal to me, about how I am slowly discovering ‘the world of the revolutionary’, piece by piece. This would allow the audience to approach what is a rather complex topic through the rather naive eyes of myself. It’s a good idea, but focuses on a grounding here in the university.

I am helping several friends start up the Socialist Workers Student Society (SWSS) here in the university, so hopefully as next year progresses I will be able to find characters, attend events, and gradually learn more about the politics of the masses and about film making. However, it has gradually dawned on me that a project like this will take a lot longer to make than three or four months. It’s a nice, educational and inspirational idea, but it will take much longer than the time I have to perfect it or ‘do it well’. That is why this is looking much more like a post-graduate film, made with equipment purchased after graduation.

That is not to say that I will sit back until graduation – any opportunity that presents itself is an opportunity I will take. My approach now is to continue my journey – go to events, learn more, and film and document what occurs. I will make several short films or experimental pieces, and once I have enough to make a film with a narrative, I will use all the archive footage I have collected over the year(s), and chart my journey, much in the same way I did with Shooting The Sunrise. All I have to be sure of is that the film has an ending – I’m sure that will be the event that signals when I will stop going down and filming any more.

This has potential to be a good film – both as a stand alone film and as something that makes me challenge aspects of my own culture and social standing. But as something to be marked for university, TEOTA (or Peter Has An Angel, as it is now becoming) is the logical choice, as I can control the construction of it to a much greater degree, and it will also appeal to a larger audience.


The Battle Is Over, The War Goes On – Interesting things are happening in this country in terms of politics, but the fight between the 99% and the government is an ongoing struggle. My investigation may provide grounding for a future project, but my gut instinct and belief tells me that it’s better to stick with the angel idea for the grand finale of my academic career.


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