PHAA – The Locations

The Forest

There are several woodland areas down Kenilworth Road in Coventry that suit the purpose of the this project. They are large enough to create an isolated setting, and yet are local enough to cut the costs of transport down. There is a log ideal for this shoot near the War Memorial Park, and there are open areas in Wainbody Wood a little further down the road. Crackley Wood is the furthest location down the road, which also provides further settings.

Wainbody Wood – It is local!

Problems can be foreseen at every location however – the Memorial Park is located next to a busy road, which will sabotage the audio. It is also heavily populated with people at all hours of the day. Wainbody wood is a much more isolated place, which is beneficial. However, it also has a train track running straight through the middle of it (though from experience, the trains are not frequent enough to disturb the film too much).

There are several other woods dotted around the nearby areas if these initial locations are not suitable or approved. All the woods are owned by the local district councils, and so once my project is approved, I will send off location release forms. The good thing about having multiple nearby locations is that if we can’t film in one, we should be able to film in the others.

At the moment, Wainbody wood looks the most desirable locale, as it is has several ‘log’ locations inside it which would be perfect for this film. They are shown here within my ‘creative artefact’ which I filmed to accompany the presentation:
The Flashbacks

The flashback in Peter’s house is a location that has yet to be found – generally I’m looking for a building with a corridor and a bedroom door at the end. To some degree, my own house would be suitable, but the lighting is not very good, so I’ll do better looking further afield. Call The Shots, a local Coventry film group, should be able to help me with this part of the story.

His flashbacks of Rebecca are a lot less difficult. They are simply shots of a static character, and the location (for the moment) is largely irrelevant. The flashback is a blending of how Peter portrays her as a person, and the scene in which she is in will not add anything to the script (she is presumably a student, so as long as it fits with this profile type, anywhere will do). I have considered a cafe which I used to film in last year – a place just alongside my own university campus. Again, not particularly imaginative, but very practical nonetheless.

Flashbacks of Amy Carter’s past could possibly include her mum roaming the garden at night time looking for her long lost daughter, or her parents placing flowers at her grave. The problem with the grave shot is that it would be best to include a front shot of the headstone name, which would require additional prop work.


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