PHAA – Budget Forecast + The Costume

In terms of budget, the film is luckily short and sweet. This, however, does not mean it is going to be cheap.

The only vital cost that will come for Peter Hopsworth is a grey hoody that I want him to wear. Grey is a binary opposition to the blackness of Amy Carter. It’s not quite black / white, but it does show how bleak Peter is feeling as the start of the film, and matches his mood and the mood of the film perfectly. Unless the actor is able to supply this, I will have to get one elsewhere, possibly from a friend. I will exhaust every option I have before I have to use £20 to pay for one (grey isn’t really my ‘colour’).

Of course, the thing eating up almost the entire budget is dressing up Amy carter as the fallen angel. A black dress with black angel wings will just be the start – I have a few gothic accessories from my teenage years, but stockings, gloves, and other garments will also be needed. It’s almost impossible at this moment to predict the total expense of this (as this also depends on what the theatre has available at the time of the shoot), so I am putting aside between £250 – £350 for these works. On top of this will be any props (e.g. cigarettes) which ma be used. Also, I have considered I will need a make up and costume staff member specially for her, who I will need to communicate to very clearly about what I need doing. This team member will be paid per student equity or more (negotiable).

This is the costume style I am looking for, with proportionate wings – no two ways about it, if this film is to be made, I will need to be willing to pay the price.

Additional costs include transport, but given the local location, transportation from Coventry will not be that much. Of course, if my actors journey from afar, I will pay their expenses, as well as additional living expenses if they need to stay in Coventry overnight. We will be filming over a weekend, although it will need to be discussed whether to push for a one day shoot, or up the expense for the safety net of a two day shoot. Also, food is an issue, as if we do a day shoot, people will need a break, but there wont be anywhere to eat. This either means buying a load of stuff to take with us, or employing a runner.

Food – On an all-day shoot in a forest, we’ll need it!

The standard equity rate last I checked was £6 an hour for a student film. I’ve searched the same site for updates in the last year (, but the site says that generally all payments for films are negotiable – i.e. no such thing as minimum as wage. I am unsure of this deduction, but I doubt I will be able to get the quality of acting I need for less than £6 an hour for both of them. I need Peter’s parents (mum and dad) for one hour, and his crush Rebecca for an hour. Peter will be needed for ten hours (he’s featured in the ‘parents’ flashback), and Amy will be needed for nine. The shoot in the forest will be a nine hour shoot. At £6 an hour, this brings the minimum payment for actors to £132. If a makeup designer is needed for the angel on the day, she will be paid the same rate, adding £60 to make the cost just under £200 for personnel (this is excluding additional transport costs of getting actors to Coventry, which cannot be remarked upon at this time).

This brings the total costs to roughly £550, but as always, these budget predictions are subject to change due to external influences and negotiations as they arise. My maximum budget is roughly just under £1000, so I think I’m doing quite well so far to keep the price down!


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