Peter Has An Angel – Final Project Proposal Form


1. Title and Pitch 

Peter Has An Angel  (updated version of a short story I wrote in 2006)

– A depressed student takes a lonely walk in some woods, only to accidentally stumble upon an equally depressed fallen angel. The two decide to talk about their problems to see if they can help each other resolve their predicaments.

2. Pitch

This is a short film in the gothic drama genre, approximately fifteen minutes in length. It is aimed at a young adult audience, notably academics as academic pressure is a main theme explored within the script.

3. Rationale  

The film can be considered a gothic version of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, with the main theme being about appreciating what you have, rather than dwelling on what you have not (i.e. optimism). A sub-plot involves not dwelling on past events, and these arguments will be taken on a literal basis in the form of a conversation and discussion between two characters who have met by chance.

It may not sound like a barrel of laughs, but I’ve tried to incorporate dark humour into the script, as most films of the genre are darkly comedic. A style I intend to use is to start the film looking bleak and de-saturated, and then at different intervals, bring more colour into the film as the mood gradually lifts. I will use Canon 5D MK2s for the visuals, and capture the audio separately – a method I have used before on several previous projects.

4. Context

This short film a is quirky blend of genres (, which gives it a unique position in the short film market. This will allow it to be visually and contextually engaging with the audience. It is a quirky approach to the tried and tested formula of ‘appreciating what you have’ and being optimistic about your outlook on life. It answers questions about self-doubt, and how to respond to the societies we are part of. The gradual colour grading from black and white is also a stylized way of displaying the image on screen.

5. Distribution

As this is a short film, it will be showcased at various short film festivals to access the relevant contacts I’m trying to find within the industry. These include:

Bang! Film Festival

R.E.M / Roots To Shoots

BAFTA Degree Show

Stratford Fringe Film Festival

Online Platforms, Vimeo

6. Budget

There are places in Nottingham where I can purchase accessories, though I have also considered approaching the University theatre department for help with this area.

Actors – Student Equity – minimum £6 an hour (wages to be negotiated) – Mum, Dad, Rebecca (£18) Amy, Peter (10 hours for Peter, 9 for Amy = £114) = Total = £132 (plus variable transport fees)

Angel Costume – £300 – £350 which is only an approximation (If the angel looks bad, the film will not work) – Theatre department, Nottingham gothic quarter, Gore-Couture

Transport – Negotiable – shouldn’t be too much, as:

Primary Location – Wainbody Wood

As one lecturer put it, I have a ‘visual eye’. Cinematography and the on-screen image have always been the most attractive part of the media industry to me, and it has been this skill that I have been developing over the past three years throughout my academic career, both as a director and as a camera operator.

This will be the biggest project I have ever undertaken, and if I pull it off, it will become be the best film I have made to date. This will demonstrate my ability both to myself and to potential employers after graduation, and will hopefully provide the access I need to develop contacts within the industry.

7. Plan/ schedule of work

Casting Calls + Prop/Costume Plan – End of Jan

Test Shoot – Early Feb

Costume Updates – Early Feb

Crew Roles + Financing Finalised – Mid Feb

Actor Auditions + Selections + Financing – Mid-Late Feb

Finalise Date Of Shoot + Equipment + Crew – Late Feb

Day Of Shoot – March

Post Production Begins + Payments – March

Final Edit, Marketing – April

8. Supporting creative artefact


  • Nearby Location
  • Ready Equipment
  • Ready Funds
  • Passionate about the gothic genre
  • Ideal media artefact for self-expression in the industry post-graduation.

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