This is the blog address for 360MC Coursework 2.

The first FOUR blog posts (‘Origins‘, ‘Highgate Cemetery‘, ‘Updates 1 + 2‘) in this blog were handed in as part of 360MC Coursework 1 (Research and Development) before Christmas. These four blog posts refer only to the early stages of development of my FMP idea, though do not wholly contribute to the development of the final proposal.

It is unlikely they were marked as part of the first coursework hand in, but if they are not be marked due to this error on my part, please ignore them, as they are here only to compliment the progression of my FMP idea. It was not made clear to me that two different blog categories were needed for the same module (you will see the first four blog posts tagged in two different categories at the bottom of the posts).

Apologies for any inconvenience caused


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