Solveig’s Homecoming – The Iceland Trip

The ‘abroad trip’ placement this year will take place in Iceland, to assist in production of what I can only describe as ‘experimental narrative’ short film ‘Solveig’s Homecoming’ – a project fronted by a lecturer outside of Media Production. This is primarily a Communications, Culture and Media (CCM) project, though they asked for a student from the Media Production course to assist in the technical and creative aspect of the actual filming the piece itself. I put myself down to help out, and the media production responsibilities have solely been mine ever since. The film is about a woman’s flashbacks regarding a trip to Iceland, and the man that she met out there.

Although a lot of meetings have been had over the first term, truth be told there has not been a lot to report upon, as most pre-production has involved the producers booking things like transport and accommodation.  I have been put down for two additional roles outside of media production – one role to organise transport from the airport (something I was in charge of with the Tenerife trips last year), and one role to cook dinner for two of the four nights that we stay in self-catered cottages in the Icelandic wilderness whilst we’re out there. Cooking has always been a hobby of mine – it was an additional role I definitely feel I can fulfill.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore – Cookery is not usually something I’d be too edgy about, only there’s one student on the trip who has specifically requested a dislike for potatoes – possibly the most common ‘filling’ vegetable out there. A true chef will meet the challenge – a risotto or paella dish such as the ones I had in Spain are in consideration.

At the start of my third year blog, I did a day-by-day report on my four week ‘Youth Exchange’ placement in Tenerife – I will adapt the same technique here, doing a day-by-day blog for each of the nine days that I am out there.

Besides enhancing my own skills further on this experience, there is another reason why I chose to go to Iceland rather than the other trips to LA or Germany. As one may have initially guessed, this CCM branch of all the students going out there are heading up north to inhabit some cottages in the wilderness for a few nights. These cottages are located inside the Arctic Circle, and although this was not strictly planned, the Northern Lights should hopefully be in view. This – statistically – is the best year to see the phenomenon in fifty years, and we’ll be in a prime spot to catch it. Although on most people’s ‘bucket list’, there is something else riding on this experience – namely, that it is my life ambition to see all Seven Wonders of Natural World. ‘Aurora Borealis’ will be the first of them!

One Of The Greatest Shows On Earth – The timing of venturing into the Arctic Circle is, much like Teide’s predicted eruption in Tenerife, immaculate. If I don’t get to see any Northern Lights on this trip, I’m sure not supposed to just yet!


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