Costume Progress

Peter Hopsworth only really requires one item of clothing – a grey hooded top, not dissimilar from the one Will was wearing at his audition. Amy carter, on the other hand, needed to be catered for on a whole other level.

After speaking with my DoP, it became clear that angel wings would be needed – they not only provided a wonderfully suggestive closing scene, but they also helped the audience to identify her character as an ethereal being. CGI was going to take too long, which meant I needed to buy some real angel wings from somewhere. Luckily, a chinese shop in Coventry sold pairs of angel wings (medium size) for just £6 each. However, the colours were either pink or red. I plan to use spray paint to colour my pink wings black.

The rest of the costume was to be bought wholesale – the only problem was finding a place that could stock or design it within my budget. I was recommended a place in London called Camden Town – a place which would likely be the most expensive. I figured it best to investigate, so I could see the worst prices going. Fortunately, I found Camden Town to be very reasonably priced in term of merchandise, and very well-stcoked in all things ‘alternative’.  Whilst browsing I became more decisive about the colours I was going for – red and black was out, as it made my character look like more of a demon than an angel.

In a shop inside the Stables Market, I found this 3-part gothic costume for just £150:

Not only is this half of what I was expecting to pay, but it also looks really good in terms of the black and purple colour scheme. The garment that fits around the shoulders has feathers on it, which will help the costume to merge with the wings.

I also toyed with the idea of getting a cloak with the extra money I had saved, but found this a nonsensical purchase, as it would conceal Amy’s wings in the opening shot (unless you cut into the cloak to accommodate them, but at £80 a cloak, that would not be a valid option for me to take).

Unfortunately I was unable to make the purchase straight away, as the auditions had yet to take place, but once Catherine had been chosen, I got her measurements immediately. I am venturing back to Camden Town this weekend to make the purchase using the information she has given me.


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