Script Progress

Seeing my script come alive in the auditions allowed me to notice some of the parts of the script that needed altering. ‘Ahh to be young again.’ and the opening words ‘Hi there.’ were two things that were changed straight away, with subsequent changes to follow.

Having seen how my chosen actors are to portray their characters, I need to alter the script accordingly – nothing major, just subtleties to make the roles more convincing. Amy Carter needs to be harder and edgier – she was a rich teenager once, yes, but there is no doubt that her dark alter-ego has consumed her by this point. Some parts of the script have been included to make her seem like a well-sheltered rich girl. These parts need to go, as they are not relevant.

Regarding this point, I felt it better to make Amy more threatening upon her first sighting of Peter. Peter needs to be panicked because he’s seen an angel, yet if Amy was pure and sweet and supportive, the scene would lose all momentum. I altered the script so that Amy appears just as defensive and as aggressive as Peter does, which adds time, as well as impact, to the opening scene (I also made Amy blaspheme the name of ‘Jesus Christ’ in her opening words as well – something that sets the tone of her character).

After revising the script with a lecturer, any parts revolving around Amy’s parents have also been omitted, as they add little to the development of the characters. I have decided to include the parts relating to the recession, but the comparison between Peter’s and Amy’s parents end there.


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