Final Poem – Iceland Side-Project

Having been met with such acclaim for my poetry videos over the last year, I decided a month or so ago to write a final poetry piece dedicated to my fans – namely, a lot of academics in Coventry University. The opening line:

Remember these days, and remember them well,

For these were the days, that gave tales to tell

was a line actually written from a long time back. The original version of this poem was called ‘The Clock Was Never Broken’ (a line still featuring in the poem), but now goes by the new name ‘Academic Populous’. It refers to the time span between the GCSE results and graduation, and tries to encapsulate all the events and rites of passages therein.

There was a certain way I wanted to end this poem, referencing Coventry in it’s own right, but I realised this would narrow down some of the audience. Thus, for the first time I’ve created a two-part poem – essentially, the last eight lines of this piece are dedicated to Coventry University students of my own year alone, whilst the rest of the poem can be applied to academics generally.

The problem was then knowing how to show this. I have spoken to the camera twice now, and I figured if I was to do a monologue, it would be best to do it with me looking away at something (especially as the poem references the many uncertain futures after graduation). Then I had an idea – what if I was looking at the Northern Lights themselves?

I could be sat at a window looking out at them, or even outside on a plain somewhere. I realise this could damage the audio somewhat – if I record the audio back at home afterwards, this will be the first ‘dubbed’ project I have done. If I have the time whilst out there, I feel I should certainly try and film me doing a rendition of this poem in an alien environment, as I think this will add to the piece. It will also add another Icelandic artefact to my showreel.


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