Sunday 26th – Closed Set

Woke up this morning with one of the worst hangovers in recent times. 7:30am wake-up, and a breakfast of fruit after a night of drinking. We were as a group so sleepy and grumpy that our pre-booked taxi was pinched by two bright-and-early Americans. We waited ten minutes for another taxi to take us into the city for the first day of filming.

Martyn wanted an early start to get shots of empty streets. Although he was greeted by hungover students, we managed to meet outside the church at around 8:45am and get shooting straight away in and around the church area. The Canon 5D fulfilled it’s purpose of making everything look cinematic, and despite the rainiest weather conditions yet, the shoot went well. I forgot to bring a rain cover for the 5D which created a small problem – luckily Becky had a small umbrella which we used to shelter the ‘shooting area’, with mildly positive results. The weather here so far has primarily been a really cold and rainy version of England – there has been little in the way of snow, frost or ice.

Due to the weather, the streets were deserted all morning, meaning we could get the shoot done in a matter of hours. This allowed us some free time in the afternoon to walk around, but much like Coventry, all the shops were closed on the Sunday. We went in a cafe (owned by an artist, interestingly) that sold ‘lobster and seafood soup’, and having never tried lobster I wanted to give it a go. The hangover prevented me from trying it, so I vowed to return tomorrow.

The art inside the cafe – 
I liked the one of the puffin the most, as he seemed to catch a human emotion in the eyes – evidently the artist would agree, since that’s the painting at the top of the website!

We walked up and down the high street for about an hour, and managed to find another potential set – a square absolutely full of top-class graffiti on every wall. Then, after giving up window shopping in the brisk winds, we returned to the hotel and slept for most of the afternoon. Martyn put a rough cut up of what happened in the morning, and the shots looked beautiful.

Graffiti Square – Banksy eat your heart out

Myself and Cristina were set to return in the evening to Martyn’s flat in the city. Unbeknown to me, this shot was to be closed set. Cristina was required to look out of a window and cry, and in order to do this she wanted minimal crew interaction on the set. This was the first closed set I’ve ever filmed on – it was a much more intimate version of the usual film sets, and required a higher degree of professionalism to execute. I managed to get all the shots Martyn wanted, and we concluded the shot within the hour.

Ruth and Becky were going to wait for us to finish filming so we could all go for a meal together, but as the shoot went on extensively, they decided to dine without us. This left Cristina, Martyn and myself relaxing in the flat, drinking scotch and listening to various worldwide tracks as I searched for potential scuba diving spots for my last day in the country. We returned to the hotel at half past ten and got some more sleep, as we would have a busy final day in the capital city tomorrow.

Here was a bizarre spot – a ‘slightly’ racial picture on the side of a pub on the high street. Apparently one of the best-known pubs in Reykjavik as well! 


2 responses to “Sunday 26th – Closed Set

    • It’s a lot different from England, yes? All graffiti seems to be done by a ‘Banksy wannabe’ – some have even incorporated little post-it notes / ‘mosaic’ art into the imagery!

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