Monday 27th – Havana Pizza

Today has been a day of many interesting cultural Icelandic experiences. I knew upon waking up to a gentle snowstorm outside that I was on a mission today to try the lobster soup at the cafe (and Cristina had now agreed to join me). Although today’s shoot started at the later time of 10:00am, this time we were delayed by ten minutes by one of our own number over sleeping.

After we’d met up and gotten the equipment from Martyn’s flat, I was thrown straight into another closed set in a nearby graveyard (the director wanted minimal crew to avoid upsetting the locals). Normally I may have had problems with filming close-ups of actual gravestone fronts, but it appears what Milgram said about ‘diffusion of responsibility’ worked well here, and the thought of crossing the certain personal boundaries of others never once occurred to me.

The subsequent shoots down at the seafront were a lot less touchy – a snowstorm started up again, prompting Becky to again shield my camera with her umbrella. This time though, the northern breeze bashing into us was – in the literal sense of the word – an arctic wind. Wind chill factor took the temperature down to below -10 degrees (which I know due to having had an experience in a blizzard before). I started to lose flexibility in my fingers as my joints froze up, and Becky’s umbrella was almost getting blown away. Thankfully we completed the shoot fairly quickly, and took a walk inside the nearby Opera House to get warm.

The final shoot of the day was at the previously-visited ‘graffiti square’, where we bumped into members of the other media production projects. We were surprised to learn that filming had not even started on their project yet, despite that we had now completed our (albeit much simpler) Reykjavik shoot, and were set to leave for the Arctic Circle in the morning.

After the shoot, we all headed straight for the cafe with the soup. I had the seafood soup, and it was divine! It was certainly one of the fishiest dishes I have probably ever eaten, and the Icelandic reputation of having unparalleled seafood cuisine has so far been successfully defended.

Lobster And Seafood Soup

I took a walk in some art shops afterwards looking for a keepsake, but true to Icelandic prices, I couldn’t find anything decent under £50. Cristina had lost a piercing in the Blue Lagoon, and purchased a new one today. Sadly, her piercing had already healed enough to stop her replacing the stud. I purchased two CDs by the band Sigur Ros as a memento of Reykjavik, and then went to the supermarket to purchase the food for the next four days. Everyone was tired, and stress of buying the right ingredients began to take it’s toll as in-fighting kicked up a little in the store. Due to my previous experiences of catering for thirty five people in Tenerife, I had a fairly good idea that the initial items needed to be doubled at the minimum to cater for the seven people in the cottages (plus I eat a lot!)

The day concluded with a little trip back to the out-of-town shopping mall we went to on the first night with Anastasya and Cristina. Settling unfinished business, I got a take away of one Havana Pizza – that is, pepperoni, blue cheese, banana and chillies. The sweet banana countered the spicy meat, and the cheese brought it all together. It worked surprisingly well, but it was definitely one for the ones with more adventurous taste-buds!

Havana Pizza (note the banana at the top under the cheese)

Coke on a budget, and the empty Icelandic shopping mall.

The night ended with a little less-heavyweight drinking, before we went to bed at 2:00am to rest up for the big car journey to the northern country tomorrow.

From the CD ‘Takk…’


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