Sunday 4th – Return

I awoke at 5:45am and had a breakfast of hard-boiled egg, Skyr yoghurt (the Icelandic equivalent) and cereal. The taxi to the airport was pre-paid by the hotel (told you they were good!), and we crashed into the lobby to pick up some pre-paid tickets. Our luggage had problems with numbers on the ticket, but seemed to go through fine all the same. I then went through customs and forgot to take my belt off, resulting in a full-body search. I was too tired to care or feel embarrassed.

I sat in the departure lounge alone with a bottle of 7Up – the last item I could only just afford with what little coins I had left. I then headed back through the ‘museum’ of a skywalk, looking at all the little exhibits in more detail this time, before heading onto the plane. I managed to watch The Dark Knight in full during the flight, whilst listening to my ‘shuffled’ iPod.

Frozen Runway – The most icy takeoff I’ve ever been on, and also one of the most turbulent. I’m surprised people didn’t clap when we landed without being incinerated!

Then we all crashed off the plane, and headed for food. Well, I headed for food, everyone else seemed sated with coffee and muffins. It was unusual that in a place as high-regarded as Heathrow, there were no food outlets at all anywhere – no McDonalds, no Burger King, no Subway, no Upper Crust. All they had were little ‘tea house’ places like Cafe Nero. If you’ve just been on a seven hour flight from Chicago, you’ve just touched down and you’re about to get on a bus that will take you on a three hour drive to Nottingham (or further), you’re going to want more than a coffee and a muffin. I had to walk all the way to Terminal Three just to find a place that sold a decent-sized sandwich. It struck me as odd and also poorly-thought out, that’s all.

Luckily, with a hot panini and a sandwich inside me, the final two hour drive to Coventry was better endured. We all crashed off the bus at our destination, and bid each other farewell. I crashed into my house, crashed up the stairs, crashed into bed, and crashed into tomorrow morning. One hour late for returning equipment to the Media Loan Shop – three day ban. Typical!


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