The One-Minute Video

A piece of work that most believed to be part of a separate module ‘Professional Practice Portfolio’ was realised mid-way through the final week of 361MC. This video was a one-minute short about you as a person and as a professional film maker. It was important to note this was not really a professional showreel to show to employers – it was designed more as something for our degree show.

Luckily for me, I’d been working on my showreel for another module anyway, so automatically my ‘best bits’ of university were already on an FCP timeline. My showreel was at three minutes, so all I needed to do was to cut it down to one. The opening and closing shots of my video would be of me helping to film a music video on Liverpool’s Crosby Beach (something yet to be blogged about on my 364MC blog), so people could see what I looked like. I decided to make the rest of the one-minute piece out of footage of my work, complete with a voice-over.

The voice over was recorded using a standard Marantz 660. I’ve always used these, complete with reporters mics for best sound. However, my response was rather… ‘dry’ in relation to the cheesiness of previous efforts at videos like these. I have recently discovered Karl Pilkington and the ‘An Idiot Abroad’ series, but to be honest I’ve always been a fan of deadpan comedy (Jack Dee, Dylan Moran, Larry David etc.) This was a typical project where everyone would naturally say ‘I’m wonderful at this, I’m creative, I’m really enthusiastic and engaged with the work of… ‘so on’). Of course, me being me, I completely contradicted this, and purposefully opened with the line ‘What’s ‘creative’?’ to demonstrate this point. After the visuals and voice over were sorted, I used some stock music from Free Play Music to play over the background.

I blasted through some of the things I’ve done during my time here at university (though as I say, this was essentially one minute of a three minute video – possibly a sample of the ‘best of the best’ of my work). The humour – as all of the comics quoted – is an acquired taste. It is not designed to be offensive, just humourous. I’m sure people who see this will think it’s something more important than it actually is, which makes my closing line ‘I’m passionate about media’ when I’m very dull-faced even more humourous. This was not accidental! (And also quite representative of how tired I am on the lead-up to hand-in!)

Old Versus New – My old ‘one minute video’ above, taken at the start of my second year. My new one minute video below, taken at the end of my third year. See how far I have come as a media producer! (And do note that the monotone voice was actually intentional this time around!)


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